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From the Farm welcomes Pursell Farms chef Andrea Griffith as she demonstrates how to make a garden-fresh Bloody Mary! Here are the simple steps, Enjoy!

Pursell Farms is known for bringing fresh, farm-to-table dining to our guests with our 1-acre garden, full of delicious fruits, vegetables and flowers. Among these bounties, none is more celebrated than our thirty-plus varieties of tomatoes. And this time of year, you can’t turn around without finding yourself face to face with a rainbow-hued array of delicious, heirloom tomatoes. These fresh, juicy beauties are incredibly enjoyable by themselves, in a special dish or as part of a late-summer cocktail. Here’s one of our favorites.

1 cup fresh tomato juice
1 oz. vodka
Splash tobacco
Dash Worcestershire
Celery salt
Cracked pepper
2 oz. olive brine

For the Bloody Mary, place all ingredients in a shake, shake well and serve over ice, garnish with okra, celery, pickle and shrimp

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