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In this film (part I of the two-part series on the Getting FarmLinks Fit Program) Tim Spanjer walks you through the high-tech golf equipment fitting process at the TaylorMade Performance Lab located in Birmingham, Alabama. Tim Briand, master-fitter at the Lab, proves why it is essential for golfers intent on perfecting their overall performance, and fine-tuning their game, to make a priority of getting fit for their equipment. Of the 500 golfers Tim has fitted there has yet to be two identical fitting results. Through the precise process of digital analysis, Briand dials in a player’s "finger print" swing and then custom-builds equipment to match his or her unique swing characteristics. Sit back and enjoy a special insider look into this one-of-a-kind process, and contact a FarmLinks rep to get” FarmLinks fit” to springboard your golf game to next level!

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    Jun 5, 2013 - Ron Furguson says:

    That is a really interesting fitting process! Can you tell me what the cost is to do it?

    Jun 5, 2013 - Pursell Farms says:

    Hi Ron, thank you for your comment! Yes we have info on the pricing for fitting options. Click this link to see the special "FarmLinks Fit" pricing: http://tinyurl.com/lc2ghuu

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    May 11, 2013 - Casey Cleghorn says:

    One word: SWEET!