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Life's busy, and we know that golfers simply don't have 4.5 to 6 hours to spare for a single, 18-hole round of golf. So we wanted to test to see if a full field of golfers could complete their round in a manageable time frame. We all know the initiatives that the USGA and the PGA are putting forth to improve the pace of play of golf. You may have heard some of them: "While we are young" and "Tee It Forward" are just a few, we set out to test the notion that pace of play is really something that can be controlled without diminishing the players enjoyment and social experience.

As the world's only research and demonstration golf course, FarmLinks Golf Club has the unique opportunity to offer feedback and insights to industry partners. We also have the opportunity to offer better programs and services to YOU, our guest! And with your assistance in this experiment, we can determine if some pace-of-play suggestions will help speed up play... and prove that a shorter round of golf is enjoyable and rewarding!

Please enjoy this film which documents our first 3.5 pace of play experiment!

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